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Finally! A Reliable Client Attraction System that Creates High Quality Leads - Automatically.  Allowing you to Automate Your Sales and Marketing and  Repeat Over & Over Again without any extra effort!

Being a Master of Business means being a Magnet to more of what you want.

To Having...

And the great news is this is all attainable, but you have to run your business with an AUTOMATED SYSTEM that ALLOWS YOU TO WALK AWAY from time to time.

And a Marketing and Sales Plan that achieves your Growth Goals and Accelerates Your Profits! This all starts by USING THE RIGHT SYSTEMS to get you where you want to go. You have to know what to do though, first, right?  You must talk to people who know how to handle a business like yours IN South Africa. People that understand how to solve your problem. And I have good news for you.  

At the Masters of Business Lunch & Learn, you are going to LEARN the RIGHT SYSTEM and MEET THE RIGHT PEOPLE that you will enable your business to CREATE...

  • HIGHER PROFITS on Your Products or Services

So, let me explain what I'm talking about here. I find real-life case studies help explain how this Marketing Automation and Client Attraction System work together... So here's how it works…


PROBLEM: We were already advertising, but we were spending 10 to 20 hours creating each sale on the phone. 


They were doing everything over the telephone and one lead at a time using Google Adwords. It required a full time sales person to talk to each person and Vivacity HIT A GROWTH PLATEAU.

Angela was a sales machine, but didn't have the time to talk to everyone; hence the sales person. But he could only close 30%-50% as good as her.

We implemented a Follow-Up Nurturing Campaign + our Super Converting Sales System and put Angela in front of Every New Prospect without having to invest any additional time!

Then ONLY ONE HOUR A MONTH, Angela sold to the hottest prospects over a webinar and begin converting 95% of the attendees to a R60,000+ sale.

THE RESULT: Vivacity hit it's ANNUAL REVENUE GOAL only 6 MONTHS into the YEAR.  Vivacity's Sales Team only needed to have TWO Sales CALLS to Close the Deal and the Average Sale went from $1500 to $6000.

THE TURN AROUND TIME: In just 12 Weeks, Vivacity hit their ANNUAL SALES targets - that's 50x Faster. And now has an Automated Prospect to Sale Conversion Machine working to Automate their Sales!


Problem: We were doing okay with getting sales. But we had a very HIGH DROP OFF Rate after the first few months.

We were able to better engage with our clients and reduce our client drop off rate from 30% down to 5% - Steve Mululu, Dream Body Fitness


PROBLEM: We needed more sales, but didn’t know where to find our market or how to consistently bring in new sales.


In order to create new business, Motivational Speakers didn’t know what to do to make generating leads automatic or reliable. The only way to create new business was through telemarketing and networking and it was extremely time consuming and unpredictable.

They had tried what seemed like everything from Facebook Advertising to Google Adwords to Paying for email outs. But again, it’d be one good hit then it would go down hill.

Motivational Speakers International had to consistently be able to generate Buyer Quality Leads across the United States and Australia. We installed the Client Attraction System in January of 2015 and plugged it into Facebook Advertising, spending only R50 a day.  Within 30 days, they had created over R300,000 in New Business.

But that wasn’t necessarily a good thing. We needed to see consistent lead flow and sales coming in.  We plugged the same Client Attraction System into Joint Ventures, and we achieved another R150,000 in new business in just 5 days. Then R500,000 from EDMs. 

THE RESULT: Across the 12 month period of consistency using Facebook Advertising and EDMs, Motivational Speakers generated over R5,000,000 in new Sales without having to use any telemarketing. We were able to replace a R650,000 a year worth of wages by using the Client Attraction System and Marketing Automation.

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In the last 20+ years, my team and I have worked with amazing companies like…

So who are we and why should you be listening to us? 

I'll introduce myself first, then Carrie....

About Matt Clark

It’s been said that failure + perseverance = success.

That’s Matthew’s story and the lessons learned have helped him do more with less. As a focused entrepreneur, he’s built, sold and lost several businesses, but each experience helped him develop new skills and made him wealthier and more motivated. His goal now is to help others do the same, by demonstrating how they can do more with less. His current enterprise, The Virtual Edge, which provides clients with strategic marketing and sales solutions, is helping hundreds of businesses do the same.

At the age of 23, he started a telecoms sales company that grew 100% per year and by year 3 was doing more than R60 million in sales. The company was the fastest growing in the industry. Matthew understood that having strong sales processes and systems to manage and automate was the absolute foundation to successfully growing a business. He has since transferred this skill to businesses in many different industries and they too have experienced the just how effective this can be. Of course, he credits today‘s technological innovations, for allowing him to create greater wealth with fewer people. His companies in the past had salesforces ranging from 10 – 25. Today, he can accomplish as much and even more with fewer, highly motivated and energized people. A lifelong learner, who continues to learn, attend seminars, is open to mentoring, and has a strong desire to be the best at whatever he does. The author of two carefully crafted books, ,Automation Playbook: How to Replace Staff, 50x Your Sales’ and ‘Automate Your Growth Online and The First Sales Book: The Proven Value Path’. While the books have been a tremendous help in bringing in new business, he has also found that being good at what you do can result in exceptional levels of referrals. Referrals are the easiest to convert to valued clients and he makes sure that he never lets his customers down, which leads to more referrals. Having worked as the back end team of some of the top speakers in the world, he has the knowledge, skills, and those critical sales attributes to teach you how to succeed. Matthew Clark is the founder of The Virtual Edge, a company dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs take more of their business online to expand their reach, grow sales, reduce staff and automate their processes.

About Carrie

Sales are the LIFE BLOOD of any business. Nothing happens until there is a sale.

By age 23, Carrie owned an IT company voted one of the "Top 10 Women-Owned Businesses" in the Atlanta Georgia. Carrie's great strength lies in her ability to recognize and release dormant financial growth opportunities within a business. By implementing tailored systems within the business infrastructure, she can transform and optimize the sales systems of a company and dramatically increase its profits. A proven history with Fortune500 companies and small businesses is the foundation for the lasting results she has created for her clients.

Today, she’s the co-founder of Motivational Speakers International and Masters of Business, focused on empowering speakers and business owners from the around the world by giving them access to exceptional training, coaching and mentoring.

She personally coaches entrepreneurs to understand the psychology of influence. Most importantly, Carrie shows you how to Integrate Your Sales language and style into online marketing systems to catapult sales, and how to market your business to achieve the Massive Growth and Leverage (beyond you).


Carrie will be coming from Sydney, Australia in conjunction with her super marketing team, to show you exactly how to turn your business into a Sales Machine in less than 25% of the time it is currently taking you!

Meet the "Masters of Business" in a city near you. Register for one of the dates below:

I realised in the downtime and in that one year returning back to the “real world of business” that I had lost touch with 4 Key areas of my business. I didn’t have access to the right information or the right team to help me through these key things:


Marketing Automation

So that you can Take What You have Done ONCE and Repeat it Over & Over Again without any extra effort


Premium Client Attraction System

so that A-Grade clients come looking for your business. So that you ONLY SPEND TIME with the HIGHLY QUALIFIED Prospects!


Hyper Targeted Marketing

So that every Rand You Spend Returns BIG SALES. Discover the Best Place to Market Your Business.


Automated, Scalable Sales Systems

so that you can Grow Your Revenue Without Everything Relying on You

Because Sales is the lifeblood to business. It is the first step to Growth and Scalability. 

I knew that if I could Automate Sales and Lead Generation, then I could grow my business and grow other businesses. Far beyond South Africa and really support and serve the world in a much bigger way. I knew that is what I was here to do. To really support business owners and their missions across the world to Manifest their Dreams!

The "Old Way" of doing business is Hard-Going! We're touching one business at a time. Creating amazing results like...

Peter Sage

 “Working with Matt I was able to automate my sales and marketing for my 3 day event, which made over £70 000 in a little under 2 weeks

Peter Sage, Business Coach & Mentor
Two Men & a Truck

"We grew by 18% in the first month."

Two Men & a Truck
Nicola Grace

"...More than 400% Return on My Investment in the first 3 months"

Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor
Wendy Brentnall-Wood

"Created 20 New Sales Appointments in just 2 weeks."

Wendy Brentnall-Wood, Wendy's Music School
Angela Connell-Holden

"Thank you Carrie! I've left you to work and not only did we meet our targets, but we achieved our goals 60% sooner than expected! We will be hiring your team again and recommending you to our clients.

Angela Connell-Holden, Vivacity RTO & Coaching

After all, I realised that I needed a TEAM of people who knew what they were doing and I needed a SYSTEM that allowed my business to operate without me. 

And I’ve made it my mission to help show you how to get back on track without having to give it all up with this amazing team.

And we’ll be coming to your city very soon.

Meet the "Masters of Business" in a city near you. Register for one of the dates below:

You see, we're based here in South Africa. So if you need help, we’ll all be here. And we’re here to help as your team.

Now I realise, if you are like me, you probably don’t have the time to even think about leaving your office. I totally get it. I was like that too. 

That’s why we’ve made this time a Face to Face session that only lasts 2 hours. We’re going to power through the most important strategies to turn you business into a profitable, dividend distribution centre so that you can feel like you’ve made your “imprint” on the world and have more time to do things that you love - like spend more time with your family or on holidays. Can we cover everything in 2 hours, heck no!

We will give you a Measurable Systems Check

to see what’s really happening in your company. And That’s exactly what I needed and you need too.

The reality is that you are too time poor to spend a full day with us and I’m being realistic about what you can really do - and coming for 2 hours in your day is a big ask, but I know you can do it and…

I guarantee it will be the best 2 hours of your day spent working ON Your business in the last year! 


I don’t want you to end up like I did.  It took you a long time to get to where you are today and the last thing you want to do is to feel under appreciated, underpaid, or like the “Chief Problem Solver” or just leave or wind up. and that’s why I put this event together…

Meet the "Masters of Business" in a city near you. Register for one of the dates below:

Still have questions or concerns? Simply give us a call at 0762 37 5660 and we'll get back to you right away.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

To your marketing success,